Bosphorus Mansions in Istanbul

Bosphorus Mansions in Istanbul

Istanbul is
a fascinating city built on two continents, divided by the Bosphorus Strait.
This is one of the greatest cities in the world where you can see a modern
western city combined with its eastern tradition as well. It's a melting pot of
many civilizations and people from different cultures.

Despite the city's age, thankfully many historical
heritages remain in Istanbul. Some of the most famous landmarks are Hagia
Sophia, Topkapi Palace which is the house of the Ottoman Sultans, Sultanahmet
Mosque with its blue ceramic tiles and the biggest covered bazaar; the Grand

The Bosphorus
is one of Istanbul's most popular locations. It is well-populated especially in
summers. Beautiful neighborhoods, Ottoman palaces, fortresses, old wooden
mansions, hotels, parks, gardens, restaurants, cafeterias and other historical
buildings adorn its coasts. 

Ortakoy, Arnavutkoy, Bebek, Rumeli Hisari, Emirgan, Tarabya, Yenikoy, Uskudar,
Kanlica, Anadolu Hisari, Beylerbeyi, Cengelkoy and many other wonderful
districts are situated just on Bosphorus. Taking a relaxing boat trip down the
Bosphorus would be the best way to visit these destinations.

Turkish people
call the Bosphorus as “Bogazici” which means "inner strait." As it is
a natural strait connecting the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, it is a
strategic waterway and has played a significant strategical role since

Bosphorus Strait
separates the European part from the Asian part of Istanbul. It is a very busy
waterway with many international cargo ships as well as local fishing boats and
ferries ensuring the marine transportation between two parts of Istanbul.

There are
three bridges on the Bosphorus connecting Europe to Asia (or vice versa). The
first one is "Bosphorus Bridge (Martyrs of July 15th Bridge)" which
is between Beylerbeyi and Ortakoy neighborhoods. The second one is "Fatih
Sultan Mehmet Bridge" between Anadolu Hisari and Rumeli Hisari. The third
one is "Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge" between Garipce and Poyrazkoy.

No needless
to remark that one of the most important and outstanding elements of the
Bosphorus is the magnificent mansions with their unique Bosphorus view. 

These beautiful
antique mansions known as “Yali” are situated along the Bosphorus with stunning
views of the sea. Around 360 of Istanbul's original 600 mansions are standing.
These mansions are one of the essential elements of Istanbul's cultural history
because each of them reflects a different era and architectural style.

mansions were built in the 18th and 19th centuries and were restored in 2007
and 2012. At first, the majority of them were built with light wood structural
systems and load-bearing platform walls. During the reconstructions, the basic
structural system was changed from being made of wood to reinforced concrete
and most of the original qualities were retained. They are with two or three
storey in general. Each floor has a common living area in the middle and four
rooms around it. The front exteriors face northwest where it is possible to see
the Bosphorus's European coast. Terraced gardens are in the backs of the
buildings. They have water wells in the gardens.

stunning mansions which are often called as “the Pearls of Bosphorus” are today
among most expensive real estates in the world.

following mansions are some of the Bosphorus mansions with the highest values:

Esma Sultan Mansion:

Hasip Paşa Mansion:

Muhsinizade Mansion:

Kont Ostrorog Mansion:

Tophane Müşiri Zeki Paşa Mansion: