Turkish Citizenship

Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program Rules

There are different options to obtain Turkish Citizenships:

1. Buy a real estate worth at least USD400.000 (or the equal value in Turkish Lira), on the condition to not sell the property within the next 3 years. The minimum investment amount was reduced from USD1.000.000 to USD400.000.

2. Deposit USD500.000 in cash (or the equal value in Turkish Lira, Euros or other currency) with a condition to keep it at least for 3 years in one of the Turkish Banks.

3. Make a fixed capital investment with the amount of at least USD500.000 (or the equal value in Turkish Lira). This investment shall be confirmed by the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology.

4. Purchase Turkish Government Bonds and Bills of at least USD500.000 on the condition to hold them for at least 3 years. This investment shall be confirmed by the Turkish Ministry of Treasury and Finance.

5. Make an investment into a Turkish real estate investment trust or purchase the shares of a Turkish Venture Capital Investment Fund with a minimum amount of USD500.000.

It is possible to obtain Turkish Citizenship by Investment for the Investor (Main Applicant) as well as for family members: spouse (wife/husband) and children below 18 years old with proceeding with one of the abovementioned investment options.

Turkish Citizenship by Investment Procedures:

1. Obtaining a Turkish tax ID number
2. Opening a new bank account in Turkey
3. Finding the property for sale
4. Issuance of the Power of Attorney (PoA)
5. Payment of the investment amount
6. Completing the sale registration of the property
8. Applying for Turkish Residency Permit
9. Applying for Turkish Citizenship

Benefits of Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program and Turkish Passport:

Turkish passport delivered quickly (within 3-4 months only)
Having a solid investment with regular income
Obtaining one of the most sought citizenships in the world
No minimum residency required in Turkey
Ownership of one of the top passports in the world
Turkish passport has 10 year validity and is renewable for life
Visa Free Travel for 111 countries
US E2 Treaty Country: Easy to obtain US Residency after obtaining Turkish Citizenship
Full free medical assistance for life for all family members in Turkish State Hospitals
No need to declare your wealth and source of investment for application
Turkey allows Dual & Multiple Citizenships.
No military service required for TCBI Applicants
Official EU Candidate Country, prospective Visa Free travel to all Schengen Zone
Free education and university reimbursement plans


Muslim country offering democratic and westernized lifestyle
One of the best climates in the world throughout the year
Safe, happy and wonderful environment to settle with family
Traditionally very hospitable and tolerant manner to foreigners
Amazing nature, wonderful beaches, green forests and lakes
Excellent food, globally renowned Turkish cuisine, one of the few countries offering food security
Good health facilities
Good educational facilities
High quality of life
Easy to do business
Regional powerhouse as well as the membership of G20, NATO
One of the largest and strongest economies in the world
EU Candidate Country
Easy to obtain long-term, multiple entry visa to EU, US, Canada, UK and Australia for Turkish citizens
Fair tax system
Perfectly located between Europe, Asia and and Africa
Opportunity to relocate and live in Istanbul which is one of the most beautiful and developed cities in the world or any other part of Turkey

FAQs About Turkish Citizenship By Investment

How long does it take to obtain Turkish Citizenship?
It takes around 3-4 months to acquire Turkish Citizenship status officially once after the completion of the investment. You can also collect your new Turkish Passports and ID Cards immediately after (within around 1 week).

Do you offer approved properties for Turkish Citizenship?
Yes. Once we start working for your citizenship case; our real estate team will present you several new, luxurious and approved properties which are available. We always work with the most reputable developers to make sure that our clients’ investments will be on the safer side.

For Turkish Citizenship application, should the investment of minimum USD400.000 be in a single property? If the applicant invests into two or more separate properties, will he be eligible to apply for citizenship?
Turkey Citizenship by Investment Program allows the investors to invest into multiple properties provided that the total amounts exceed USD400.000.

Is any property valued above USD400.000 eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship? Is it the only criteria?
The property shall meet certain criteria including having a verified expert valuation report in place as well as a building license and the title deed shall also be ideally clear out of any restrictions on the Title Deed before finalizing the sale transfer. Otherwise, it will not be suitable to proceed for Turkish Citizenship.

Will the Turkish citizenship acquired expire at some point?
No. Once the Turkish citizenship acquired, it will be valid for life for you and your descendants as well.

Can we change our names after obtaining citizenships?
If the applicants would prefer to change their names and surnames, they are allowed to change them. However, this shall be done before submitting citizenship applications.

Do the applicants have to reside in Turkey for a certain period at any stage of the application?
No. There is no residency requirement in Turkey either during the application process or after obtaining Turkish citizenship.

How many times do the applicants need to travel to Turkey during the whole application process?
You can visit Turkey first for the initial procedures and then secondly once the citizenship is obtained for submission of fingerprints.

How many family members can apply for citizenship along with the Main Applicant?
The Investor (Main Applicant) can obtain Turkish citizenship for all family members: spouse (wife) and children below 18 years old. No limitation on the total number of family members but children above 18 years old and parents cannot be included into the same application. You can make a separate investment for them or you can consider to apply for Turkish Residency Permit (Turkish PR) for the other family members.

Turkish Citizenship for new children (those who are born after acquisition of TC): After obtaining Turkish citizenship, your future children will automatically acquire Turkish citizenship by birth.

Is there any language knowledge requirement to apply for Turkish Citizenship?

Once the Turkish citizenship is acquired, in case that the applicant will not stay in Turkey, what will be his tax liabilities in Turkey?
Turkey will not tax you for your income abroad. In principle, you would not be liable to pay taxes in Turkey if you would not reside inside Turkey for more than 6 months. However, if/when you would earn a regular income inside Turkey, for example, if you would rent out your investment property, and if/when you are earning rental gains, then you would be subject to pay taxes arising of such income.

Once being granted for Turkish citizenship, do I need to exercise military services in Turkey?
You will not be liable to exercise military service after you would obtain Turkish Citizenship if you are over 22.

Can I keep my original/existing citizenship(s) when I’d become a new Turkish citizen?
Yes. Turkish laws allow multiple citizenships.

How much is property tax in Turkey?
%4 of the sales price of the property should be paid to Turkish tax authorities as a property purchase tax when buying or selling the property in Turkey. This rate is usually divided as %2-%2 between the Buyer and the Seller.

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