Nurol Life - Seyrantepe/Vadi Istanbul For Sale


350,000 USD

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For Sale



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104 m2


2 Bathrooms


One of the most valuable brand in the country that has been working for Turkey for over half a century.  A story that started in 1966 when Nurol Construction Company was founded by three brothers with great dreams, Nurettin, Erol and Oğuz Çarmıklı, and which has continued to grow every day with

  • New successes
  • From roads to bridges
  • From housing to factories
  • From infrastructure to aviation
  • From the defense industry to finance
  • From tourism to energy and mining
  • With over 20 thousand employees,
  • Nurol Holding continues to create new values  with each project across 3 continents and 20 countries.

We design living areas that have a positive impact on your psychology and physiology, give you positive energy, bring happiness and peace. We develop solutions that will improve the quality of your life We designed a project that is in harmony with its surroundings and protects and develops the spiritual and physical health of its occupants. We refused the meter square approach and focused on the meter cubes. We designed spacious designs with a ceiling of 4-m height that would benefit the modern metropolitan residents…

By making maximum use of sunlight with 2.5-meter-high inward opening windows, we protected the integrity between the physical and spiritual health. Our approach of strengthening both the building and its occupants  relationship with nature and air was one of the main principles that governed every detail from our choice of natural materials to window design.


The Zero Point of History Göbeklitepe

The Zero Point of History Göbeklitepe

Mediterranean diet

Mediterranean diet

The Ritz-Carlton Project - Social and investment opportunities

The Ritz-Carlton Project - Social and investment opportunities

What are the necessary conditions to acquire Turkish citizenship?

The scope and amounts determined according to the new regulations published in the Official Gazette on September 18, 2018 are given below. With the decision of the President, he can acquire Turkish citizenship.

Turkey Will Continue To Be A Center Of Attraction

Servet Property & Turkey Flat For Sale Chairman of the Board, Mr. Servet MERAL, his interview for the distinguished business magazine Business World has been published.