How Are Weddings in Turkey?

How Are Weddings in Turkey?

The concept of destination wedding continues to be a trend all over the world. Turkey, with its location and historical richness, ranks first among the couples following this trend.

Thousands of couples from all over the world choose Turkey for an unforgettable wedding experience.

Idyllic places, wonderful cities, luxury and romantic hotel options, palaces on the Bosphorus, holiday resorts and breathtaking beaches… There is no better place to make your dreams come true for a celebration.

Organization companies and event planners in Turkey can easily respond to the demands of couples from every culture and with different traditions by considering the smallest details for the destination wedding, which has been the trend of recent years. They guarantee the best service and service, from special flower arrangements, themed decors, liquor bars, excellent variety of local Turkish dishes and appetizing international cuisine.

Each region has its own unique nature, history and culture. And this wealth allows them to offer very special options to their visitors, from accommodation to gastronomy.

Istanbul, Antalya, Bodrum, Cappadocia
and Fethiye are the most preferred wedding destinations in Turkey.

There are wonderful venues in Turkey that will make a wedding unforgettable. The magnificent palaces lining the Bosphorus in Istanbul or a meal in the fairytale caves of Cappadocia, a balloon tour in the Ihlara Valley and wine tasting with a wonderful view can be listed.