Istanbul's best boutiques

Istanbul's best boutiques

We determine Istanbul street fashion! We have found the most suitable boutiques for those who want to have a unique style and show their fashion sense to everyone living in the city.

Bey Karaköy
  • Shopping & style Karakoy
  • “One jeans, one shirt is enough for me.” Bey Karaköy, the sanctuary of men who do not say anything, shapes the men's fashion of the city. You can not only shop in the brain of Karaköy, but also get style suggestions from the eyes that have mastered the subject.
  • Shopping & style Karakoy
BrandZoo, the new discovery of Karaköy, has what you look for! Stationery enthusiasts are not forgotten in the four-floor boutique where collections of young designers are featured. Make sure to make a note of the 'Paper Things' brand.

Cashmere In Love
  • Shopping & style  BEBEK
As its name suggests, 'Cashmere in Love' is a boutique that aims to make us all cashmere lovers. We already have many reasons to love cashmere. Some of these reasons are that it has a soft texture as if it does not exist on the body and that it is noticed even from five meters away. Cashmere knitwear designed by Esra Bezek is in the category of 'casual chic'. Namely, stylish pieces that you can complete your daily outfits.

  • Shopping & style
  • Nişantaşı
From dresses unique to the 1930s to Paris style hats by Marie Mercié, from decorative objects to glamorous accessories and art books, everything is for sale in harmony that appeals to the eye and the soul. Venetian-style slippers, which Yalın ascribes to both the beaches and the streets, are a clear favourite. Red, indigo, orange, purple…

Midnight Express
  • Shopping & style
  • Beşiktaş
Midnight Express, which first entered our lives with its Bebek branch in 2008, continues to maintain its title as one of the 'coolest' boutiques in the city. Apart from Bebek, they also have branches in Bodrum. There are collections of designers such as Helmut Lang, J Brand, Banu Bora, Yves Salomon, Zadig & Voltaire, Yazbukey, Mehry Mu and many more.

Museum of Fine Clothing
  • Shopping & style
  • Teşvikiye
The 'Museum of Fine Clothing' in Nişantaşı Atiye Sokak invites you inside with its showcase design and remarkable pieces. Its designer, Eda Güngör, founded the brand in 2010. Feminine details are hidden in the pieces where minimal forms are dominant. If you're on your way, be sure to stop by.