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There is now a brand new meeting point in Taksim, the heart of Istanbul, the city that brings together two continents, different cultures, languages, sounds and tastes: our project. Our project, Turkey's largest renovation project, was also awarded Europe's Best Urban Renewal Award. With the richness of polyphony, Istanbul has gained a brand new center of life and attraction. A brand new mixed-use project that transforms Tarlabaşı. Our project promises a full life, not only with its office and residence blocks, but also with its shops, art galleries and location. There are many stories to live in our project, all of them are full of Istanbul.

10 m2


1 Bathrooms


The Zero Point of History Göbeklitepe

The Zero Point of History Göbeklitepe

What are the necessary conditions to acquire Turkish citizenship?

The scope and amounts determined according to the new regulations published in the Official Gazette on September 18, 2018 are given below. With the decision of the President, he can acquire Turkish citizenship.

Bosphorus Mansions in Istanbul

Bosphorus Mansions in Istanbul

Turkey Will Continue To Be A Center Of Attraction

Servet Property & Turkey Flat For Sale Chairman of the Board, Mr. Servet MERAL, his interview for the distinguished business magazine Business World has been published.

As house sales increase in Turkey, it will be harder to obtain citizenship

As house sales increase in Turkey, it will be harder to obtain citizenship