Mevsim İstanbul Bahçeşehir Villas Project


890,000 USD

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360 m2


5 Bathrooms


A pleasant life in Bahçeşehir,

Mevsim Istanbul Bahçeşehir 

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Mevsim Istanbul Bahçeşehir” project, put into practice by
Sarılar Construction in Bahçeşehir, which is one of the most
distinguished locations in Istanbul, is reanimated with a
villa concept on a land area of 32.212m2.

Offering alternatives such as 33 single-detached and 56 twin
villas where the privileges meet comfort, Mevsim Istanbul
Bahçeşehir provides many different pleasant opportunities for
their owners with their width and functionalities.
This project will put its signature on Bahçeşehir, a new
center of urbanization in Istanbul, with its architectural
design and construction quality, and aims to meet the detached
villa need in the region with the fully-detached villas it

Skipping no details that make life easier with its technical
equipment, the Mevsim Istanbul Bahçeşehir project promises a
comfortable life with its high roofs, large gardens, living
spaces that receive great sunlight, vast square meters,
storage areas, and parking lots in Triplex 5+1 villas.

You will enjoy a sense of quality with privileges such as an
open-air pool, fitness areas, cafe, sauna, steam room inside
as a dweller of the project that provides every kind of social
opportunityas well as a serene life...


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