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Eyüpsultan is the most distinguished district of Istanbul, with a coastline of 2.6 kilometers from the Golden Horn.

Taking its name from the tomb of Ebu Eyyûb el-Ensari in the district, this historically fragrant district has the distinction of being the first settlement established outside the city walls by the Turks after the conquest of Istanbul.

Eyüpsultan, which hosts many historical artifacts from the Ottoman period, especially Eyüp Sultan Mosque, Pierro Loti Coffee on the Eyüp ridge; more like a gate that connects the city with the past, rather than a district.

In Eyüpsultan, which is located in the heart of Istanbul and history, now the first steps of a privilege consisting of 593 flats in 27 blocks with 6 floors.
thrown with our project. The new side of spring comes to life on a 20.800 m2 land.

Every time you step into the streets of Eyüpsultan, you will breathe peace.

82 m2


1 Bathrooms

107 m2


2 Bathrooms

193 m2


2 Bathrooms

243 m2


3 Bathrooms

358 m2


4 Bathrooms


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