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DAP Çeşme Alaçatı Villas & Residences For Sale

Introducing Çeşme, a place of serenity and endless enjoyment across all four seasons, located right next to the sea with every amenity at your doorstep. Experience a rejuvenating life surrounded by its exceptional nature, where every breath you take feels refreshing.
Nestled in the heart of the Aegean with unparalleled architecture, DAP Çeşme merges the historical texture, cultural wealth, and luxury living experience of Monaco into the dreamlike nature of Çeşme, creating a year-round immersive experience for you.
The region, renowned for its cool, clean air, and educated populace, is abundant with springs in and around Çeşme. These springs have been a traditional source of hydration for both trading and war ships that sailed through these waters in ancient times. The town of Çeşme, named after the many fountains that once existed in the area, has historically been the point where land meets sea, making it an unrivaled location. Today, it remains a hub of trade thanks to its protected harbor in the heart of Izmir and the close relations established with Egypt, Cyprus, and Western countries.
If you're looking to feel a unique harmony of green and blue, nature and sea, wind and sun within your soul, then Çeşme is your destination.
Here, in the heart of this bay, opening up to the boundless blue, the doors of luxurious living are opening up to you through a matchless project... one offering peace, entertainment, and privileges that are uniquely yours across all seasons.
Just 2 km away from Dap Çeşme is the Çeşme Marina, offering the grandeur of the coast and an impressive capacity to house 400 vessels at sea and 100 on land. This marina, with its enticing, elegant texture and full suite of amenities, is right at your doorstep.
The Çeşme Marina, a vibrant and chic yacht marina, is intertwined with Çeşme, a city rich in history and culture and an ancient port city. It offers the privilege of easy access, allowing boat owners to dock their vessels and immediately reach the heart of the impressive and historic harbor settlement.
At Dap Çeşme, every breath you take invites you to the privileged world of Çeşme life shaped by social opportunities. With each carefully designed unit, including 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1 apartments with sea views, you're invited into an exclusive life of luxury. Experience the vibrant lifestyle Çeşme offers, with its array of chic and tranquil restaurants, cafes, and bars in the market area, allowing you to experience the city and nature together in every season

91 m2


1 Bathrooms

140 m2


2 Bathrooms

274 m2


3 Bathrooms

351 m2


3 Bathrooms

478 m2


4 Bathrooms


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