Bosphorus View Mansion For Sale in Istanbul

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Bosphorus View Mansion For Sale in Istanbul


8 Bedroom
2042 sqm

A marvelous and unmatched mansion located in Bosphorus, Emirgan. Enriched with a great taste in exterior and interior design with lots of amazing materials. Live a palace-like life in the most beautiful area of Istanbul. 

Why Buy This Property?

Most beautiful location in Istanbul 
Marvelous interior & exterior design 
Proximity to Bosphorus 
Elite neighborhood 

Emirgan is an enchanting and historic area located in Sariyer district. The neighborhood takes its charm mostly from historic and nostalgic streets enriched with traditional pavements and reflecting the classic style Istanbul culture. Since the neighborhood is a well-situated area in the Bosphorus, it is also one of the most valuable and beautiful places to live a pleasant life. The neighborhood is crowded with the most impressive and prestigious mansion, villas, and million-dollar apartments owned by the wealthy, elite, and top-class people in Istanbul. 


Emirgan is also famous for the huge groove called Emirgan Groove. It is the most beautiful place to visit all year round just to breath the fresh air and watch the excellent trees. The amazing view over to the Bosphorus and the beautiful tulips that can be seen in the highly famous Emirgan grove, are only two of the neighborhood's characteristics. As well as luxurious houses, the area is home to the best restaurants along the coastal part. The neighborhood that hosts many celebrities such as artists, sports and business people is famous for its luxurious villas and mansions. 


About Property
This is a palace-like mansion located at a graceful neighborhood in Sariyer district. The building consists of 5 floors. The floors can be reached by the elevator inside. The building reflects the high culture taste in architecture. It takes 5 minutes to reach the beautiful coast. 


The mansion has a total build area of 2,632 sqm, a total land area of 2,042 sqm. Including 8 bedrooms and 3 kitchens, the mansion is also offering lots of spaces to add luxury to your life. First of all, you are at one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Istanbul, it will be a unique experience of enjoyment and pleasure to live here. 

The mansion is opening with a majestic entry. Through the gates, you are invited to the grand hall. It is impossible to ignore the first-class marble and wood used in the hand-crafted details of the floor, doors, stairs and railing around. 

In the ground floor, you will find the wonderful hall, an auxiliary kitchen, cloakroom and guest room, while the first floor hosts the master bedroom, dressing room, two bedrooms, a guest restroom and three balconies. The remaining four bedrooms are located on the second floor. 

Two grand halls for multipurpose usage are located on two different floors. The hand-crafted ornaments and decorations are covered in 24k gold. As a perfect residential building for big families, this mansion offers plenty of rooms for plenty of reasons and occasions. With the adequate change of the decoration, the mansion can also be perfect premises for premium brands, especially in the service industry or health clinics. 

The main hall on the ground floor is very well-suited for your formal invitations or parties where your guests will be mesmerized by the ornaments of the walls and the ceiling. Floor level -1 hosts the second grand hall, main kitchen, study, indoor pool, sauna, Turkish bath and the big, main balcony, patio. Floor level -2 hosts two stuff room, cool room, fridge room, cellar, laundry and technical rooms. 


Among the luxurious details in the mansion, you will see two separate swimming pools as indoor and outdoor. The indoor pool area has a dedicated dehumidification system to avoid mold, musty smell and corrosion. 

The mansion also hosts an amazing garden area of 1500 sqm. Your days will be lightened up thanks to this area including the outdoor swimming pool. The gorgeous front balcony with the stairs leading to the garden could also be your favorite area to enjoy the beauty of your property. 

1 min away from Emirgan Groove 
2 mins away from Bosphorus
5 mins away from FSM Bridge 
7 mins away from Bosphorus Bridge 
10 mins away from Maslak
15 mins away from Levent 
20 mins away from Besiktas
30 mins away from New Istanbul Airport


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