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5th Levent; More than 4 walls for a good life

Located on the development axis of Levent in the most valuable location of Istanbul, 5th Levent was realized by Torunlar REIC as a sustainable living center as well as a human-oriented and ergonomic understanding. Registered as the “best urban transformation project” in the “Sing of the City Awards”, 5th Levent harmoniously brought together all the elements longed for “a good life” with its greenery, landscape and social facilities.

In 5th Levent, which offers more than four walls for a good life, more than 50% of the project area was designed as an impressive natural landscape area. 5th Levent; It has a rich social reinforcement area with its ponds, recreational areas, country coffee, festival square, sports fields, swimming pools and children's playgrounds.

Thanks to the 5th Levent Bazaar in the street concept, 5th Levent residents can meet all their needs.
In the project, there are different types of flats ranging from 1 + 1 to 4 + 1 that appeal to different lifestyles and needs.

In the heart of the city
You will reach the most important points of the city in minutes from 5th Levent, the newest and most modern district of Istanbul. You will have more time for yourself and your loved ones in 5th Levent, which is the closest modern life project to Istanbul Airport.

At the center of giant transportation projects
Located at the intersection point of existing and planned giant transportation projects and metro lines, 5th Levent has a unique location as the new junction point of Istanbul. From 5th Levent, you will be able to easily reach different points of the city by using the rail system, the metro and the highway. Thanks to our panoramic elevator, transportation from the site to the Metro station will be both pleasant and comfortable for you.

71 m2


1 Bathrooms


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ثقافة الحمام التركي في تركيا

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