The best kebab shops in Istanbul

The best kebab shops in Istanbul

Hamdi Restoran
In our opinion, eating kebab and sitting with a view of Galata, Bosphorus and Sultanahmet on the one hand is much more luxurious than going to Paris for breakfast. Providing service in Eminönü with 17 different kinds of kebab, Hamdi (also known as Hamo) makes this luxury easy. Pistachio kebab is also very good.
Let's not go without saying that he has branches in Şişli and Pera as well, and we send you off to his address in Eminönü, our favourite.
Address: Tahmis Cad. Kalcin Sokak No:11 Eminonu/Istanbul

Bağdat Ocakbaşı

The only road you know in Güngören is or should be the road to Bağdat Ocakbaşı. Those who know that the delicacies on the corners often make you eat your fingers should close their eyes at Bağdat Ocakbaşı and order a wrap from the menu.
Keep in mind that there are also many regulars for stuffed meatballs and lamb skewers. Then, if you say "You can't do without a dessert", you can order your künefe while you are still eating your kebabs. Hot Hot. Mis.
Address: Merkez Mahallesi Tayfun Sokak No: 8/10 Gungoren, Istanbul

Uzunlar Kebap


We are in a kebab shop whose motto is "No snow". From Adana to Urfa, from chicken and lamb skewers to bottles of liver, the menu has delicious options for every palate. Although the treats that they prepared before, whet our appetite, don't forget to fill your stomach with them and leave room for a bottle, let's say it from the beginning.
The pitas, grills, doner kebabs and wraps on the menu will also confuse you. You probably won't be able to decide which one to eat for a while. That's why we recommend that you go as a large group of friends and try the different dishes on the menu. Thus, you can find the opportunity to taste a little less than all of them.
Address: Pendik Sahilyolu No. 1 Enterprise Pendik, Istanbul

Develi Kebap

Develi, which is also on our list of Samatya's best restaurants, has been serving since 1966 in Samatya and also in different districts of Istanbul.
We can't help but strongly recommend you to eat pistachio kebab in Develi's first hearth, Samatya, but if your path is not too close to Samatya, you can also stop by its branches in various places such as Nişantaşı, Etiler, Florya, Kalamış, Ataşehir and Tuzla.
Address: Gumusyyuk Sok. No:7 Samatya, Istanbul

Adana Ocakbaşı

Istanbul's most enjoyable fireside recommendation comes from Kurtuluş, which still hasn't lost that cozy neighborhood atmosphere. Welcome to Adana Ocakbaşı, a groundbreaking kebab restaurant.
The kebabs of the place with the motto "The right address for kebab" are prepared with meat from Balikesir Gonen. Adana, Urfa, vegetables, lamb shish, küşleme, onion, eggplant, ribs are among the kebab varieties that you can devour in one sitting.
The reason why this place, which dozens of gourmets gave full marks, did not open a second branch was that they valued the spirit of the place and the sensitivity of its regulars. Such a sensitive and thoughtful place. We love him.
Adana Ocakbasi address: Bozkurt Mahallesi, Ergenekon Caddesi, Baysungur Sokak, No 2/D, Sisli, Istanbul

Kaşıbeyaz Bosphorus


If you want to enjoy a delicious kebab in a peaceful and decent environment, you can choose Kaşıbeyaz Bosphorus, one of the most preferred and popular addresses in the city.
The most popular favorites are once again on the menu: Adana kebab, Urfa kebab, poppy kebab, grand vizier kebab, classic butter kebab, vegetable spring kebab, oruk kebab, tomato kebab, eggplant kebab, lamb shish kebab, shashlik kebab, pistachio kebab and many more. ...
It is entirely up to your taste buds to choose which of these mouth-watering and appetizing flavors you choose, even just by reading their names, but we also recommend a foamy ayran and delicious appetizers.
Address: Yeniköy Mahallesi, Köybaşı Cd. No:10, 34464 Sariyer, Istanbul

MK Mangal Keyfi


It becomes one of Beyoğlu's most beloved venues. In the place where students admire their wraps, delicious portion kebabs are among the must-taste dishes. From Adana to Urfa, a heart bottle made of chicken skewers, a garbage bottle made of lemon kebab, a kebab with yoghurt, a kebab with tomatoes or aubergines are a taste for every palate.
Let's also say that there are delicious vegetarian plates for those who do not eat meat.
Address: Şehit Muhtar Mahallesi, Öğüt Sokak, No 8, Beyoğlu, Istanbul

Şehzade Cağ Kebap

While we were talking about kebab shops, we didn't want to finish our list without mentioning cag kebab, whose reputation has already crossed the borders of Erzurum and even the borders of the country.
We are talking about a legend that even those who have never eaten cag kebab want a few more skewers right after they taste it, and it is not possible to calculate how many skewers are eaten when they are close to leaving the table. Like Turkish delight!
Address: Hoca Pasha, Hoca Pasha Sk. No: 6, Fatih, Istanbul

Çiya Sofrası


This place, which defines itself as "the garden of lost cultures and forgotten tastes", has been serving since 1987. Since it has not compromised on its quality for many years, the number of its regulars is increasing day by day.
A wide selection of kebabs, ranging from delicious kebabs that you cannot easily find elsewhere, to your favorite ones await you on the menu of the restaurant: Hot ground meat kebab, cartlak kebab, Çiya kebab, Frenk kebab, sour kebab, Gülbahar kebab, Aleppo job, cubed kebab, oruk kebab, Kilis pan, Eggplant kebab, garlic kebab and many more options...
Before you go to the menu, be sure to take a look and make your decision, otherwise you may have to examine the menu for a long time in the place in order not to miss any of the flavors, let's warn you from the beginning.
Address: Caferağa Mahallesi, Güneşlibahçe Sokak, No 43/A, Kadıköy, Istanbul